Bone-In Ribeye

Hand cut 28oz. Bone-In Ribeye, served with grilled vegetables and spiced tomato sauce.

New York Strip

Hand cut 12oz. New York Strip, served with grilled vegetables and spiced tomato sauce.

Beef Kebab

Traditional Uzbek Beef Kebab; Served with marinated onions and homemade spiced tomato sauce.


Savory Asian puff pastry filled with beef, onions and spices.


Deep fried turnover stuffed with beef, onion and spices. Similar to an Empanada.

Lagman Noodle Soup

Hand pulled noodles served in a beef and vegetable flavored soup, spiced with asian herbs.

Ukrainian Borscht Soup

Delicious beef and vegetable soup made with cabbage, beetroot, carrot and potato.

Chuchvara Dumpling Soup

Delicious dumpling soup called the Chuchvara. Chuchvara is an Uzbek beef filled tortellini served in a bouillon.

Manti Beef Dumpling

Steamed dumplings stuffed with a mixture of beef, onion and spices. (5pc per order)

Pelmeni Dumpling

Russian beef dumplings, boiled and tossed in clarified butter and parsley. Served with sour cream.

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